Shahid Kapoor says he will not tolerate 'Bulluying' from campus outsiders

Shahid Kapoor says he will not tolerate Bollywood camps' bias against strangers anymore ‘ I'll bully the bully ’

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Shahid Kapoor may be Pankaj Kapoor and Neliima Azeem's son but he identifies as an ‘ stranger ’ in Bollywood. In a new occasion of No Filter Neha, he spoke with actor- host Neha Dhupia about how he'd to make his own way into the Hindi film assiduity without any help from his parents. He also mentioned all the ‘ bullying ’ he'd to face throughout his life, and how he will not take it lying down presently. Shahid said that while his father was from the film assiduity, he could not really take any advantage of it to kickstart his own career. He said that only' stars, stars and directors' have that kind of power, ‘ not character actors ’

Outsiders Vs Insiders
The actor also spoke about how smaller outlanders are being given openings in the film assiduity now. He said that he made it big only due to his work and gift and what he learnt about the craft of acting along the way. But these days, substantially ‘ interposers ’ or youthful actors related to someone or the other in the assiduity are getting openings to work in pictures. He said that's the cause behind the deteriorating quality of Hindi pictures too.

Bully the bully'
But when he entered the Hindi film assiduity, he saw the same treatment formerly again. “ I came into this assiduity and realised ye toh academy ke tarah hi hai( This is just like academy). outlanders aren't accepted fluently then. They've a big issue with how did you manage to come by then. So, for numerous times I dealt with that. I do not like this sissy thing. I suppose people who want to creatively unite with each other should, people who are comfortable with each other should. But that does not mean you diss other people and try to put other people down or close the doors to other people. And I suppose that as a teenage or youthful grown-up I did not have the confidence to fight back but now, if you try to bully me, I'll bully you right back. I'll bully the bully because they earn it."

Bullied throughout

Shahid Kapoor also spoke about coming to Mumbai from Delhi and how was the odd one out at his academy due to the way he spoke. He said that he has been treated as an stranger nearly throughout his life.. I was the stranger because my accentuation was different and I was really poorly treated for a long period of time. also we were living in rented houses and had to shift every 11 months. So I would be in a new structure, trying to make musketeers with people, who didn't know me," he said. It was eventually in council that he felt accepted and set up some musketeers.

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