Anurag Dobhal roasts Munawar Faruqui, Bigg Boss in new vlog


Anurag Dobhal roasts Munawar Faruqui, Bigg Boss in new vlog: 'You can purchase two McLaren tyres with show’s prize money'

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Anurag Dobhal blustered against Bigg Boss and Munawar Faruqui in a new vlog posted on his YouTube channel.

Anurag Dobhal took an early exit from Bigg Boss 17 but it seems he is still allowing about the show and hisco-contestants. Albeit not in the stylish of ways. Anurag posted a fresh vlog on his youtube channel and roasted the show'Bigg Boss' and this season's winner Munawar Faruqui

Roasting Bigg Boss

Sitting in a McLaren in a Dubai exchange, Anurag( or UK07 Rider as is his channel name) unleashed a rant against the show and Munawar. He joked that the show's prize plutocrat could only buy him two McLaren tyres at stylish. He lately bought a Lamborghini in India worth ₹ 5 crore. The Bigg Boss prize plutocrat this season was ₹ 50 lakh. Anurag also said to his friend behind the camera that they've bestowed further plutocrat than the prize plutocrat for the show.

Munawar the two- timekeeper?

Anurag Dobhal also trained his ordnance on Munawar. He told his friend noway to ‘ two- time ’ women, especially after one is wedded and more so after one has had children too. He said that two- timekeepers are roving around the megacity in hacks while he has his own Lamborghini. Munawar had been contemporaneously dating multiple women, which was revealed on the reality show. While his image and tone confidence took a megahit after the reveal, he still managed to win the show.

Anurag's Bigg Boss experience

After leaving the show, Anurag recalled a heartbreaking' walk of shame' exertion that happed in the Bigg Boss house involving him and how it took a risk on him, during an interview with Siddharth Kannan. Anurag said about his Bigg Boss 17 stint, “ Bare sath show mein walk of shame hua hai. Ek puri exertion bare liye banaye gaye the. yeh sachai hai. Yeh footage hai unpe. Yeh cheez dekh kar ke aaya hu. Ek puri exertion mein bare ko khada kar diya gaya hai kyunki maine show ki discourteousness ki aur pure ghar monster' Shame, shame Anurag' chilla rahe the. 

" The makers would not have shown this exertion on television, but I was lowered in front of the whole house for supposedly disrespecting the show. I was made to hold a board that read ‘ shame ’. Can you imagine what all I've gone through in that house? This is my interpretation of events, ” he said

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