How the Matrix revived Keanu Reeves career


How the Matrix cemented his status as a leading star and revived Keanu Reeves career 


Keanu Reeves  is one of those stars whose presence directly reminds fans worldwide of the iconic Matrix movie, which released 25 times agone . But did you know that it was The Matrix that actually revived the star's career after he was beaten down in a career depression with a bunch of unprofitable horror pictures? Released in 1999, the film enjoys a cult status, and is considered to bring an representational shift in sci- fi pictures.
Leo was fresh out of the gigantic success of Titanic and wasn't eager to do another film which had a lot of visual goods. Patron Lorenzo di Bonaventura also revealed to the same publication that Brad Pitt declined the offer. 

Casting for The Matrix

The story of its casting is another feat altogether. From Brad Pitt to Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith to Johnny Depp, the supereminent part of computer programmer Thomas Anderson, a hacker using the alias ‘ Neo ’ was tossed around by some of the leading youthful stars of that time. What is further, the directors had such a hard time casting the supereminent part for a manly actor that they originally suggested to be remade with a womanish lead, and wanted Sandra Bullock to be in it, according to a report by The Wrap.

Keanu was in a number of pictures that fared inadequately. 1993's Freaked entered mixed reviews, and didn't do any favour for Keanu who starred in an underrated part as Ortiz' The Dog Boy'. also came the successful 1994 action point Speed with Sandra Bullock. That was succeeded by Johnny Mnemonic, Chain response, Feeling Minnesota, The Last Time I Committed self-murder, and The Devil's Advocate, all of which entered negative reviews and poor box office returns. 

It was only with the threat that Keanu took with The Matrix, as a computer programmer, born Thomas A Anderson, who intimately works as a hacker named Neo, that eventually paid off. It went on to collect$ 469 million on a$ 60 million budget and entered glowing reviews. What is further? The film indeed went to be nominated for 4 Oskars, winning them each- including Stylish Film Editing, formal Sound Editing, neat Visual goods and elegant Sound.

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